Graze Box | Unboxing & Review

There are so many subscription boxes available now. I’ve seen boxes for home spa treatments, makeup, staycations, and even vinyl record and dinner spice duos! It is pretty exciting to get a  new surprise in the mail weekly or monthly. As I hunted for which I might try first, I kept you, the readers in mind. Those who might be skeptical probably would not want to spend more than $20 per month (and many were much more than this!). I chose graze box for the low price of just $5 per week, and the great reviews. If you’d like to check out the site which review all subscription boxes, click here.

Another awesome thing about Graze is that the first box is free, and then after that, every 5th box is also free! It is currently invite only, so feel free to leave me a message here or on YouTube and I can provide you with an invite code.

Below is my review of my most recent boxes!

Box 1

  • Summer berry flapjack: This is by far my favorite treat. In the US, we call these granola bars, or energy bars. I especially loved that the oat bar was pretty soft, with just the right amount of berries!
  • Jaffa cake: Since I’d never had Jaffa cake, I didn’t know what to expect. The dark chocolate rounds with a hint of orange were delish!
  • El picante: This was just okay. It was jumbo salted corn (like corn nuts), chili peanuts, and mini paprika bread sticks. My personal feeling is that peanuts are just a cheap filler and they over power other flavor. I probably wouldn’t get this again.
  • Eton Mess: Mini meringues, black currants, and cranberries. Absolutely delicious! A little awkward to eat, since the bits are rather small.

Box 2

  • Toffee Apple: Granny Smith apples and toffee dip. I eat Granny Smith apples by the dozen! I love that this snack is only 68 calories. The dehydrated apples are actually good on their own.
  • Mississippi BBQ Pistachios: Love! Lots of smokey barbecue flavor.
  • Tutti frutti: A yummy combination of dried pineapples, cranberries, blueberries and raisins. If you like dried fruit, this is for you!
  • Bonnie wee oatbakes: Whol grain oatcakes with caramelized onion marmalade. The marmalade is okay, and the oatcakes are quite boring-tasting. Not a fave!

The unboxing:

Link to my latest box:

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