Keep Calm and Work Out!

I love clothing items that are both fashionable and functional, and let’s face it– if it’s fashionable, it is functional! I make no apologies for being motivated by cute workout clothes. None at all. I don’t need to walk into the gym looking like a Maxim model, but there is no reason to wear my boyfriend’s basketball shorts either! Heaven forbid I do it, but that would be the day I run into everyone I know, and cameras on phones are sneaky these days!

I jest, but there is something much more effective about working out in clothes that fit. Fitted clothing will allow you to see and be aware of your body’s alignment at all times. There are mirrors in gyms for a reason. Your core will receive the fullest workout when you keep your posture correct during your lunges, jogging or elliptical time. Properly fitting pants? You can actually see your feet and their alignment with your knees. All of this truly matters. Who has time for an injury, anyway?

The shirt I’m wearing is from a darling Etsy boutique and they make the shirt when you order it. Check out the video so you can see the surprisingly cute back detail!


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