Trader Joe’s Gift Card Contest!!! (Again)

As many of you know, a store I frequent for unique, healthy and affordable items is Trader Joe’s. Many who have never been inside think it will be too expensive or filled with fancy items that they will never use. I disagree. Trader Joe’s is where you can find foods like cookie butter, lemon pepper flavored noodles, curry sauces, spices for under $2, and pink salt! It’s awesome, and I can’t get enough. So let’s make a deal….

I am doing a contest. There will be two winners:

1. I will use a random selector for those follow me on Twitter, Facebook or subscribe to my blog. Send email to with your name and screen name on Twitter, FB or the email you used to subscribe. The winner will receive a $5 gift card to Trader Joe’s by mail.

2. The first person to submit a photo of any of my blog recipes WITH a short review of how it turned out will win a $10 gift card to Trader Joe’s by mail.


***Contest closes Sunday at MIDNIGHT***


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