Keep Your Spices Up to Date

Fresh herbs and spices are nice for cooking, but let’s face it: they aren’t always convenient. Whether the inconvenience is time, price, or simply access to the herb–dried herbs can be a great option to still add authentic flavor to your dishes. I have my sights on a spot in the yard to begin an herb garden, but I doubt I’ll ever move away from certain dried herbs.Have you ever looked into your cubbard and thought, “Hm…how old IS this herb?”. I know I have, and since the recipe called for it– I went ahead and used it anyhow. Sadly, all spices do expire and in a timespan of about 1 to 4 years. Be sure to check the expiration date, smell, and vibrance of color to make sure it has not expired. An expired herb added to a dish will not be very beneficial for flavor or health. Keep the herbs and spices sealed and in a cool place.

Here is a chart that McCormick has created on their website. If you are ever in doubt– here’s a great place to start:

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