Quick Tip #3: Chips & Dips

Chips and dips are completely addicting and usually easy to find on tables at parties and work potlucks.  Unfortunately, the thing that tickles our taste buds most does little more than fill us up with empty calories that give very little nutritional value. Since the chips aren’t portioned onto a plate, we really have no idea how many we have eaten! I find myself looking at the nutritional information on the bag and saying, “9 chips is a serving? Seriously?!”  But really,  who can resist those warm, freshly made tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants? The key is to place them onto a plate and if the portion is larger than can fit in your hand– you are in violation. My trick at parties is to portion out the dip on my plate and stop when the dip has run out. Another trick is to use flavorful crisp veggies in place of chips. My favorite for hummus is large strips of bell pepper or sugar snapped peas. Salsa is healthy so I load up on the salsa and go easy on the chips.

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